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About The Show

Ray Bradbury's own words are front and center in this brand-new, exuberant stage tribute, featuring Emmy Award-winner Bill Oberst Jr., authorized by Ray's estate, and performed by permission of Ray Bradbury Literary Works & Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

With large-screen video, an original music score, excerpts from classic Bradbury like "A Sound Of Thunder," "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and "The Martian Chronicles" - even a surprise appearance by 'Maggie,' his beloved wife - Ray Bradbury Live (forever) whirls through worlds fantastic, from Mars to the Cretaceous to the center of the human heart.

Life-affirming. Death- defying.
Just like Ray.
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Covid-19_Updates Performances Resume 2022 Our debut tour was cut short by Covid in 2020.
We are booking now for the 2022-23 season.
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City Lights with Lois Reitzes
"Bill Oberst Jr. Honors Ray Bradbury"
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The Script

Three years in the making, the script for Ray Bradbury Live (forever) was born of Bill Oberst Jr.'s wild boyhood love of Ray Bradbury stories, and grew into a work of meticulous, footnoted research.

In addition to review by Ray Bradbury's estate and literary agency, Oberst's final script was vetted by Dr. Jonathan Eller, Director of IUPUI's Center For Ray Bradbury Studies and the author of two Bradbury biographies, and by Bradbury scholar Dr. Phil Nichols of the University Of Wolverhampton. Dr. Eller also advised on content and editing over two years and nineteen drafts, and provided access to the Center's archives. The result: a joyous and accurate portrait of one of the world's most lauded authors at the peak of his creative powers, in his own words.
Ray Bradbury Live (forever) theatre show poster Show Credits

Writer: Ray Bradbury / Redactor: Bill Oberst Jr.
Production Design: Christopher Cooksey
Additional Visuals: Val Mayerik & Chris Young
Show Poster: Val Mayerik / Rob Story
Original Musical Score: Brian Lee
Makeup Design: Jeff Farley
Script Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Eller

Special Thanks To: The Center For Ray Bradbury Studies at IUPUI; Dr. Phil Nichols, University Of Wolverhampton, UK; Steve Fjeldsted, South Pasadena Public Library; Richard Lee, Waukegan Public Library; Oleg Alexander, Sofyan Syarief, John King Tarpinian, David Clow, Dave Grave, Don Congdon Associates and the family and estate of Ray Bradbury.
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